Exclusive accessories and gifts with fur and leatherFur&Co offers cushions, throws, cases for your tablets, ottomans and other accessories of fur and leather. Every item is unique and extraordinary. Custom made according to your ideas.

Gifts with forgotten relics I take your old items and memorabilia found hidden in drawers, the attic or curiosity cabinets and turn them together with fur and leather into something more than merely functional objects. Moreover I love the history behind the pieces I design and giving new life to forgotten relics. Isn't there an old fur coat in your family that is too precious for you to give up but not suitable to wear anymore?

High quality Combining opulent fabrics with the rich, unique patterns nature provides through leathers and furs - recycled when possible. I translate this into an aesthetic that is sustainable, refined and detail-focused. All the materials are handpicked and made to measure together with finest craftsmen within the European Union.

Every design I approach with wit, passion and music.

Welcome to the world of Fur&Co - our products are available online; for more information, please contact us